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acoustic insulation (outside to outside)

acoustic insulation (outside to outside)

Noise sources on the external side

Not all noise sources can be found on the inside of a building. Very often noisy equipment is positioned outside on the property or on the roof. Such noise sources may lead to noise pollution within the surroundings. 

In Europe certain regulations ensure the limitation of such noise pollution. Our acoustic engineers perform noise analysis and calculations to develop the most suitable solution for you. 

Very often a noise protection wall is the solution to go with. Metecno-Sound-panels are perfectly apt for use in outdoor areas. Besides our standard configuration with zinced and organic coating we can also supply cover sheets made of aluminum or stainless steel.  

When installing sandwich panels in outdoor areas, wind suction and wind pressure are to be considered. We have performed vast calculations for different loads and spans (table of spans) but can also calculate these values for your individual project to find the most economical solution.  

Besides that, we use specialized software to calculate the optimal dimensions for your noise protection wall.

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