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Can the acoustic panels of Metecno be used outside?

Certainly! The acoustic panels of Metecno Sound can be used outside without any restriction. Acoustic panels with the perforated liner exposed to the weather influences have to be classified DUR2 according to EN 14509:2013. This classification applies to the Metecno acoustic panels. The mineral wool in our acoustic panels is water-repellant ensuring it will not absorb rainwater. In addition, there is a protective fleece inserted in between the perforated liner and the mineral wool. This additional layer enhances the durability and weather resistance of the panels. The perforated liner has superior level of galvanization. Our panels have been successfully placed outdoors for over 20 years, demonstrating their longevity and reliability. Proper maintenance ensures optimal performance over this extended period.

If you require a corrosion class C5 for the perforated side, we offer suitable solutions. Detailed information could be found here. Feel free to request reports or additional information as needed. Metecno acoustic panels are designed to withstand outdoor conditions while maintaining their acoustic properties.


Are the holes of the perforated panels free from glue?

The Metecno Sound acoustic panels are designed with precision to ensure that the holes in the perforated panels remain free from glue. Some of the details:

Feel free to explore the benefits of Metecno Sound panels, knowing that their design ensures optimal functionality without compromising the integrity of the perforations.


Can the perforated panels also be used as a facade?

The perforated panels in the Metecno Sound system offer excellent acoustic properties, but there are some considerations when using them as a facade:

For more detailed information, please refer to our resources. Feel free to explore the possibilities, and we’re here to help!


Can the panels be installed as well horizontally as vertically?

The panels could be used in both ways. In general, it is easier and more cost-effective to install them vertically. Yet in some cases it is easier to install them horizontally. Always take into account the mechanical load. We have span tables available and could assist with mechanical calculations if needed. We glad to help you also for this question, please click here.


Could the mineral wool be washed away?

The mineral wool used in our panels is sourced from reputable companies and is specifically designed to withstand various environmental conditions. Here are some key points regarding the mineral wool:

Water-Repellent Properties: The mineral wool is water-repellent, ensuring that it will not be washed away by rain or moisture.

For further details and personalized assistance, feel free to explore additional information here. Our goal is to provide reliable solutions for your project!


Where should I place the screens?

Normally an acoustician made an investigation and a report. In this report often values are demanded regarding the required sound absorption and/or insulation. Yet what is the most optimal way to place the acoustic noise barrier? How high should it be? How far from the machines should it be? If you give us the information, we could advise you to ensure the best results for your specific scenario. For that we use the internationally well know Soundplan software for that. More information here.


I need a higher sound insulation, the panels go “only” to Rw 36 dB?

Within Metecno we have done over one hundred measurements in laboratory. With our systems we have reached impressive values up to 70 dB. If you need sound insulation for a specific frequency, we could make suggestions for you. Adding an extra panel or adding an extra layer of e.g., plasterboard. With our specialized software Stiff or with measurements from our acoustic database we could help you further.


Do you have a tested fire resistance?

We have done official tests regarding the proof of fire reaction. With a result of A2 s1 d0 according to EN 13501 our perforated panels could safely be used next to escape routes, and they will not contribute to any further development of a fire. Besides that, we also have done an official fire test to declare the EIW up to 60 minutes. This means that our panels provide effective fire insulation for a significant duration, enhancing safety in various applications. More detailed information could be found here. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities!


Could a perforated sheet have a declared corrosion class?

Yes, we have corrosion class C5 available for the perforated panels, test reports are available upon request. For the standard galvanized painted steel, our suppliers do not give a guaranteed corrosion class. Therefore, we have investigated in other materials to be able to give you declared corrosion class. We have different solutions, varying from optimized galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. More information could be found here. We’re dedicated to delivering reliable solutions for your specific needs!