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Hipertec Roof Sound

Hipertec Roof Sound

With its perforated internal sheet, the Hipertec® Roof Sound panel contributes drastically to the improvement of sound insulation and sound absorption where applied. Designed particularly for ceiling application, it may also be used as an external roof in specific cases, including unheated premises.  For heated or moist areas, however, the use of Hipertec® Roof Sound panels is not recommended since the internal sheet has no vapour barrier. This system (patented by Metecno) applies a special fleece material as trickle protection between the internal sheet and the mineral wool core. For additional information, please have a look at our detailed technical manual.


Outer shell Inner
weight Thermal
Heat transfer
(Ψ - Joint factor)
  s tN tN kg / m² R U without Ψ U with Ψ
  mm mm mm kg / m² m² K / W W / m² K W / m² K
60/68 0,60 0,60 16,4 1,34 0,705 0,707
80/118 0,60 0,60 18,6 1,79 0,534 0,535
120/158 0,60 0,60 23,0 2,70 0,359 0,360
150/188 0,60 0,60 25,2 3,39 0,289 0,289
200/238 0,60 0,60 27,4 4,52 0,217 0,218

Thermal Conductivity

λ=0,044 W/m.K under the terms of DIN 4108 and DIN EN 13165
The insulation values are regularly monitored by external bodies and may be applied without any further reduction.


Sound Insulation

Rw=33 - 35 dB

Sound Absorption


Corrosion protection

  • Standard version with external steel sheet: 25 μm Polyester
  • Tested according to DIN EN 10169: External sheet: Class RC3


External sheet: corrosive category C3 corresponding to medium protection durability for urban and industrial environments with moderate exposure to sulphur dioxide
(Conditions of surroundings and corrosivity categories under the terms of DIN EN ISO 12944-2)

Standard Lengths

> 2.00 m up to 25.00 m, greater lengths on request