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acoustic insulation (outside to inside)

acoustic insulation (outside to inside)

New building in noisy environment

Assumption: you are planning a building exposed to high sound pollution from the outside e.g. high traffic road. Nonetheless a low noise level is required on the inside such as for teaching purposes, theatre performances or sound protected hotel rooms. 

Besides acoustic properties, requirements for fire protection may also be an issue. Not only does Metecno produce sandwich panels with PUR-foam-core but also do we provide non-combustible acoustic sandwich panels with fire resistance up to EI 60. 

Metecno Sound has the proper solution for your façade in case sound emissions cannot be reduced any further. Our acoustic panels not only provide sound-improved but also fireproof environment. We are looking forward to finding for you the optimal solution with our products and systems. An outline of our acoustic solutions can be found here.

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