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acoustic insulation (inside to inside)

acoustic insulation (inside to inside)

Sound improvement of work spaces

Working under constant occupational noise exposure is not a good thing to do. A too high noise-level may lead to problematic situations since people can neither hear nor understand each other properly. It may even be necessary to constantly wear hearing protection. Working in loud and noisy environment provenly increases stress and leads to long-term health issues and may even cause premature death (see WHO-report).

In case the source of noise is known and identified, it should be tried to eliminate this source. However, this is very often not possible. The most practical solution is to encase the source of noise with acoustically improved sandwich panels, doors and windows. The acoustic sandwich panels are perforated on one side and reduce the noise level significantly in the room. Furthermore, the high sound insulation produces a sustainable reduction of noise outside of the enclosure, thus contributing to a safe and productive work environment.  

Type, spectrum and distance towards the source of noise strongly influence the final noise suppression. Metecno Sound helps you to cope with the acoustic challenges of your building and to choose the most apt sandwich panels for this particular problem.  

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